“Now we can measure leadership potential in eight categories and train within these categories.”

Why Cornerstone

Elavon began the search for a talent management vendor; system security was the predominant concern, as the company works with numerous financial partners. “Every time we hear of a breach in the financial industry, we hold our breath and think ‘who is next?’” said Mitchell. “Cornerstone OnDemand was the vendor willing to work with us to make sure that security was going to be locked down.”

Cornerstone’s scalability and customizability were also key factors in selecting the platform. “We’re global and growing. Cornerstone is scalable,” said Mitchell. “In addition, the platform is highly customizable. My LMS administrator can make changes to widgets on the fly.”

With Cornerstone, Elavon offers more than 3,500 courses to 5,950 users across the world via a branded interface, Elavon Think Centre (etc*). “Our leaders love being able to see their people, their talent, their training, all at a glance. Cornerstone is a wonderful partner in managing our development, performance and succession.” 

The Results

Delivered targeted learning opportunities. Elavon’s sales force needed access to on-demand training while on the job. With Cornerstone Learning, Elavon delivers customized content to each user. “When an individual logs in, the system recognizes them. Each individual has a different learning experience,” said Mitchell. Elavon’s competency assessments allow sales managers to assess new reps’ knowledge, skills, and abilities prior to ‘LIVE’ classroom training. This allows for a more targeted training experience in the classroom. “Delivering these assessments before training takes place is a much more efficient use of our development dollars.”

Streamlined onboarding. The Cornerstone platform makes it simple for Elavon to deliver onboarding learning opportunities to new hires. “We can push out eLearning to new employees. They also have access to all the HR information they need, allowing them to sign up for their benefits prior to starting work,” said Mitchell.

With Cornerstone Connect, new hires develop a sense of community prior to their first day.  “Our new hires use Connect to meet their managers and the people in their training classes,” said Mitchell. “They’re forming bonds before they even step foot in Elavon.”

Assessed potential leaders for succession. With Cornerstone, Elavon more easily makes the distinction between those who are skilled at their jobs and those skilled at leadership. “Previously, people were promoted because of technical expertise, but that doesn’t always equal leadership expertise,” said Mitchell. “Now we can measure leadership potential in eight categories and train within these categories. We have the capability to ‘map’ eLearning courses to the specific Leadership Practices.” 

This has been critical to Elavon’s succession planning. “We realized there were people who were leaving, yet we had nobody to replace them,” said Mitchell. “With Cornerstone, we’re identifying high potential talent and creating development plans for them that work in tandem with succession plans.” 




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