“We’ve hired 72 people this year and only used recruiters for six of those positions. That’s reduced our recruiter fees by $110,000.”

Why Cornerstone

Wilber and his team began the search for a new talent management solution. “We always wanted a platform that would do it all — applicant tracking, learning, performance and succession. But after our last experience, we wanted the provider to own the platform. We didn’t want something that had been created piecemeal. There are only a few names out there that offer a complete system. Cornerstone is one of them.”

Implementation and rollout of Cornerstone Recruiting went smoothly. “From an implementation point of view, when Cornerstone does it, it’s great. They keep you accountable, they answer all your questions. I was very pleased.”

However, rolling out Cornerstone Learning wasn’t quite as simple. “Initially, we had a very low [employee] response. Then I got an email from Cornerstone inviting me to a WebEx about customizing. That opened my eyes to how we could sell Learning to our employees,” said Garrett. “I recommend that everyone make Cornerstone their own. It’s HR’s responsibility to sell it to employees, and Cornerstone is the perfect advocate for that.”

The Results

Built a stronger internal brand. Prior to customization, the company’s Cornerstone Learning portal was “cookie cutter.” Today, the portal supports not just learning and development but also Grote’s internal brand strategy. “Most employees spend so much time doing their jobs, they don’t really understand what we sell. We’ve customized all our welcome pages in Cornerstone to showcase our products internally. When employees go into the site, they can view our new products and see what our safety lighting looks like on vehicles,” said Garrett. “Employees now want to go into Cornerstone because it’s customer friendly and engaging.”

Increased employee use. Customization also increased employee use of Cornerstone Learning. “After customizing our welcome pages, we saw a 60 percent increase in the first month,” said Garrett. “Every year, it gets better and better. From 2015 to 2016, use went up 21percent.”

Reduced recruiting fees. Prior to Cornerstone, Grote relied on recruiters to find candidates. “We’ve hired 72 people this year and only used recruiters for six of those positions. That’s reduced our recruiter fees by $110,000.”

Decreased days to fill. Grote’s previous paper-based applicant tracking system meant hiring was a slow, painful process, one that hampered the company’s ability to effectively compete for great talent. “If you’re still using paper, you’re behind the eight ball,” said Garrett. “With Cornerstone, we’ve lowered our time to fill by 37 days.”

Saved time with ADP integration. The company has realized time savings and increased accuracy via Cornerstone’s automatic ADP integration. “One of the biggest selling features for us, outside of Cornerstone owning all their software, was that Cornerstone is a partner with ADP,” said Garrett. “That integration means I can enter employee information once in ADP, and it’s automatically updated in Cornerstone in the morning. It’s a huge time saver.




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