“It's easy for our administrator to update or add new material.”

Why Cornerstone

Katie Stangel, director, learning and development, at NSC, and her team quickly researched third-party vendors to find a solution. "There were so many challenges with the project, beyond just the short deadline. The portal needed to house 600 materials, plus easily connect to other organizations' resources in the safety world," said Stangel. "Yet the entire solution had to be something that one person could manage."

Pressed for time, Stangel and her team took another look at their partnership with Cornerstone. "We suddenly realized we could create the new JSE portal right within Cornerstone, along with our current implementation."

NSC rolled out the new JSE portal in 60 days. "Cornerstone did a lot of the heavy lifting for us, including configuring template pages and a navigation bar that made it simpler for users to move around the site," said Stangel. "With the templates, it's easy for our administrator to update or add new materials. She now spends only 10-15 minutes a day checking things in the system and just one day a month looking at data and pulling reports."

The Results

Reached more members with critical training. NSC's mission is to reduce injuries and death from accidents by providing training and resources. With Cornerstone Learning and Extended Enterprise, the organization has made it simple for visitors and members to access accurate safety information from anywhere in the world, at any time. "In six months, we've already had 10,411 page views and 551 views of 12 safety talks," said Stangel.

Generated $26,000 in additional revenue. While 85 percent of the learning content on the JSE site is free to visitors and members, NSC has created new revenue by offering a small amount of paid content via Cornerstone's Extended Enterprise. "We  know that $26,000 of new revenue came from people purchasing our fee-based content," said Stangel.

Created a better user experience. Within Cornerstone, NSC can easily build different role-based rules on posting and commenting. "We can moderate how much, and where, users can comment based on roles. We can also control those roles in a topic within a community, down to the individual level," said Stangel. "It's really cool because now we can individualize the different user experiences."

Engaged members. New members can self-register and are automatically directed to a customized welcome page and granted immediate access to content. "We've simplified the process to encourage repeat visits," said Stangel. "The more we bring people back, the greater the opportunity we have to learn from them."

Cornerstone's configurability also enabled NSC to easily add configurable fields to user records. Registrants only have to enter their information once, and it is automatically populated to the member's personal page. "Members can start viewing content and networking right away," said Stangel. The fields, along with Cornerstone's analytics, also help NSC track membership data, critical to ensuring their safety training and member retention strategies remain on target. "We're also looking to add the badging functionality in the future," said Stangel. "Members will receive badges based on their activity and behaviors within Cornerstone."





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