“We used Cornerstone Learning to prepare our Africa team to face one of the biggest challenges of our time: Ebola.”

Why Cornerstone

Project HOPE knew they needed a better solution, but they had significant budget constraints. With five HR professionals coordinating 600 staff, contractors, and volunteers, they had few resources to reallocate to managing new technology.

Additionally, as Project HOPE works in rural areas with limited access to dial-up Internet, any solution had to be easy-to-use and accessible offline. It would also have to integrate with their existing ATS. "We didn't want the complexity of an ERP, and yet we still wanted something that was best of breed. We're a nonprofit, but we still run a business," said Miriam Wardak, VP and chief HR officer.

In 2012, Project HOPE received an invitation from the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation to participate in its Strategic Partner Program which provides nonprofits working in education, workforce development or disaster relief with access to Cornerstone's software and consulting services. 

The Results

Streamlined recruiting. Project HOPE receives thousands of applications, especially during global disasters such as the Ebola outbreak and Nepal earthquake. Cornerstone Recruiting has allowed us to streamline the applicant review process through the integration of an online background check, electronic interview evaluations and automated emails. "We're doing the entire hire and offer process through Cornerstone," said Wardak. "It's a huge time saver."

Delivered thousands of learning opportunities. With Cornerstone Learning, the nonprofit can deliver, track and report on hundreds of on-demand classes. "We deploy volunteers within hours, and send them to places that are very difficult. They need to learn about a place quickly, and have to be onboarded online," said Wardak. "We do that with Cornerstone Recruiting and Learning. We saw close to 2,000 course registrations in one year, with a 95 percent completion rate.

Prepared HR leaders for capacity building. As a Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation Strategic Partner, Project HOPE also has access to ongoing mentorship opportunities. "Not all of our leaders are prepared for HR management. Cornerstone is helping us build strong managers in the field," said Wardak. "We're looking at ways to use Cornerstone Learning to teach them the responsibilities they need to better manage, engage and retain employees."

Increased review completion rate to 95-98 percent. With Cornerstone Performance, review completion rates have soared to 95-98 percent across the U.S. organization. Project HOPE plans to add online performance reviews for field employees and volunteers. "It's critical for us to be able to get feedback about their experiences and what they learned," said Wardak.

Established goal setting and tracking. Part of the responsible stewardship of donor funds is ensuring Project HOPE's workforce sets and achieves goals. "We are a nonprofit. Impact is something we track, so goals are critical," said Wardak. "With Cornerstone Performance, we've folded in values, competencies and goal tracking."






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