“Leveraging Cornerstone Selection enabled us to make an impact on our bottom line operating profitability.”

Why Cornerstone

Results turned to Cornerstone Selection, part of Cornerstone OnDemand's unified talent management suite, to improve recruiting and retention of their workforce and reduce the administrative burden on hiring managers. With Cornerstone Selection's predictive analytics and smart algorithms, hiring managers can now easily forecast candidate success, measure and analyze performance and provide training recommendations to improve employee tenure. In addition, over time, the platform learns via user feedback to become more efficient at identifying candidate matches.

With Cornerstone Selection, Results can match the right candidates to the right job, via fact-based insight into a candidate's motivation, skills and affability. According to Alex Brecker, president and COO at Results, "Our collaboration with Cornerstone has broadened our thinking. It's helped us reevaluate some business truisms - like believing that prior work history reliably predicted likely future job performance. Leveraging Cornerstone Selection enabled Results to make a real impact on our bottom line operating profitability through smarter hiring, retention and workforce management."

The Results

Gained fact-based insight into candidate suitability. Great employees are hard to find. A stellar attendance record or a great review doesn't tell the whole story. With Cornerstone Selection, hiring managers no longer have to rely on potentially misleading performance records or even gut-level decision making. The realistic job previews, behavioral question series and job simulations tools give managers better insight into a candidate's suitability for a specific position's skill and personality requirements.

Hired better candidates faster. Results' previous sourcing process - reviewing resumes, conducting face-to-face interview - was time consuming and costly. With Cornerstone Selection's automated evaluation tools, hiring managers can identify the right candidates faster: since implementation, managers have processed the same number of candidate transactions with 20% fewer employees.

Reduced attrition by 25-35%. For Results, agent attrition was damaging to employee morale, productivity and profit. While Results had aimed for a 1% reduction in attrition, the outcome has exceeded expectations: with Cornerstone Selection, attrition has been reduced by 25-35% across key programs.

Increased sales productivity by 8-10%. Call center agents are on the front line, crucial to generating leads and making a first impression. With Cornerstone Selection, Results has improved candidate selection and placement; having better matched talent in key positions has delivered an 8-10% increase in sales productivity.

Improved community presence. Working globally presents numerous challenges, including managing cultural preferences, languages and local regulations. With Cornerstone Selection, Results is able to demonstrate good corporate citizenship by building local employee bases well matched to the work, thus reducing attrition and increasing community goodwill.




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