“I just push a button and Cornerstone does it all. It’s so easy to slice and dice information.”

Why Cornerstone

In search of a new LMS, the organization assembled an RFP committee that included the staff from the Office of Professional Development and Training, Information Technology and Performance Management. “Our RFP committee had folks from different areas within the organization and we did not limit the group to just the training department.” said Kathleen Sisson, Chief of Staff Development and Training at RIDOT. “That was purposeful. We wanted to be able to look at the big picture.”

The committee used a comprehensive scoring system to evaluate numerous vendors, with 70 percent of each vendor’s score assigned to software functionality and 30 percent to cost in order to ensure fairness. “We had over 70 different scoring elements, everything from the ability to manage tests to the ability to compile class surveys and custom reports.” RIDOT also wanted to be able to easily offer training to those outside the organization. “We had bigger plans. We knew we wanted to be able to open the system to external users such as contractors and consultants and eventually link to the Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP).”

After scoring, the committee invited the eight top-scoring vendors to perform demos and selected Cornerstone Learning soon after. “Cornerstone offered everything we asked for,” said Sisson. “We think we have the best LMS, and best tool, out there.”

The Results

Saved time and better communications. With Cornerstone, the Office of Professional Development and Training can instantly create marketing emails, highlight training opportunities and run reports specific to training, certifications or and required state reporting elements; instead of searching through and aggregating data from spreadsheets. “We’ve seen tremendous time savings, especially with reporting. I just push a button and Cornerstone does it all. It’s so easy to slice and dice information.”

Expanded training to external users. With Cornerstone, RIDOT can easily offer training to consultants and contractors. “We’ve created an external users page in Cornerstone. I have the ability to open up classes to external users such as Federal Highway Administration or other Department of Transportation agencies,” said Sisson. “There’s also the opportunity for sharing the cost of classes. Sometimes we have to have a minimum number of people. I can easily open up a class to external registrations so that we meet that minimum and share the expense.”

Created data-driven goals. Sisson and her team are now creating goals based on real data, instead of guesswork. “We now have access to data and reporting that helps us track results. I have metrics. I can show ROI. That part of it is really exciting, because it’s helping me produce new goals.”

Increased employee accountability. With their previous spreadsheet-driven system, the team found it difficult to drive employee accountability. “With Cornerstone, if somebody doesn’t show, they automatically receive an email,” said Sisson. “It’s important because if there are 30 seats available in a training, I want to fill all the seats. We have accountability now. “Cornerstone has given us the efficiency and ability to have a professional training office.”



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