“The Check-ins feature has been one of the most valuable pieces for us.”

Why PiiQ by Cornerstone

A key ingredient of the culture at Sherex is continual learning, yet the appropriate tools were not being utilized. Tom Lis, controller at Sherex Fastening Solutions, LLC shared Sherex’s learning and performance challenges with the company’s payroll provider. “I asked for a software recommendation. They knew our objective was to streamline the performance evaluation process, establish consistency, provide a modern learning experience, and make it easier to use. We also wanted reviews to provide more value to both employees and managers.”

The payroll provider suggested PiiQ by Cornerstone because it was a simplified, easy to use performance and learning solution for small businesses. "PiiQ had everything we were looking for: competencies, roles, and the ability to have multiple reviews throughout the year," said Lis. 

The Results

Made 9-box evaluations less subjective and more data driven. Previously, the team met once a year to manually plot employees on a 9-box grid. With PiiQ, employee performance data is automatically added to the 9-box, giving managers more frequent and meaningful insight into skill gaps, top performers, and hidden training needs. “PiiQ’s 9-box is a huge time saver, and we’re measuring progress on more concrete and objective measures, like goals and competencies,” said Lis. “I like the fact that you can track employee progress over time.”

Enabled ongoing performance management. With PiiQ’s Check-ins feature, Sherex managers are now having monthly meetings with employees. “The Check-ins feature has been one of the most valuable pieces for us. I’m a proponent of continually knowing what’s going on with my employees to avoid end-of-year surprises. Now we have a set list of topics documented right within Checks-ins that we cover every month.

It’s an open hour for employees to discuss progress, goals, and anything else,” said Lis. “Employees like the more frequent contact and the opportunity to give and receive feedback. And because it’s a semi-formal meeting in a relaxed environment, it’s building comradery between managers and employees.”  

Unified learning and performance. With PiiQ Learning and PiiQ Performance, Lis can assign development opportunities that align with and further employee and organizational goals. With the frequent Check-ins, the entire organization is now more comfortable with feedback and managers use the one-on-ones 
to provide coaching if an employee is struggling with a goal. “We’re using Learning extensively this year 
to ensure our employees are constantly developing themselves. We work with employees to set mutual goals, and then assign courses that are appropriate to those goals and the employee’s role.” 

Engaged employees with continuous learning. With PiiQ, it’s easy for managers to assign courses on technical and soft skills. Every employee is mandated to complete 40+ hours of training per year. Employees can also take additional courses based on their interests and career paths. “I like to hire and keep good people. Obviously, I’d also like to keep those people happy, challenged, and motivated in the long term,” said Lis. “To do that, you have to give them opportunities to learn. PiiQ and CyberU offer a lot of good core courses that support our initiatives and our culture.” 




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