“Now we can deliver learning opportunities to thousands of USC employees.”
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Why Cornerstone

USC implemented Cornerstone OnDemand’s learning management system, Cornerstone Learning, in 2013. The system allows the university to efficiently engage and develop employees with highly targeted, configurable training. “I’m so excited we’ve been able to bring in Cornerstone Learning. It’s incredibly robust. We’ve never had anything even close to it in the past,” said Mary Campbell, assistant vice president, talent and organizational effectiveness at USC. “It allows us to deliver very powerful, very well-managed learning of all types, live training, online learning, you name it. We have an incredible library of learning assets that are now at the fingertips of every single USC employee, faculty and staff, 24/7.”

Currently, more than 13,000 staff members use Cornerstone Learning to access 24 curriculums and 13 custom courses. Called USC Trojan Learn, the system has been configured to reflect the USC brand, key to creating a seamless user experience and increasing adoption. Online courses are blended with instructor-led courses and live events to meet the needs of different learners. In addition, Cornerstone’s security measures ensure that USC’s HR partners can easily deploy and track training within their own departments. 

The Results

Supported critical research. USC is respected worldwide for its interdisciplinary research; keeping research administrators skilled in the management of contracts and grants is critical to continued innovation and funding. With Cornerstone Learning, research administrators have their own contracts and grants curriculum, accessible around the clock, in addition to courses on active listening, business writing and change management.

Improved onboarding. Cornerstone Learning helps ensure USC’s onboarding process is a powerful, meaningful experience for new employees. Via Trojan Learn, new hires can connect with colleagues, learn both soft and performance management skills and map their career paths. Cornerstone Learning also reduces the burden on administrative staff: new employees are automatically enrolled in the system at time of hire.

Developed competencies. With Cornerstone Learning, USC supports the development of competencies designed to teach effective management. The university’s training program includes online courses, a live kick-off, live webinars and pre- and post-training assessments. “With Cornerstone Learning, we have the opportunity at USC to build a true learning organization where everyone is learning all the time,” said Campbell.

Reached thousands of employees with key training. Previously, USC administrators were limited in the number of employees they could reach with targeted development opportunities. With Cornerstone Learning, administrators have exponentially increased employee access to training—without a significant increase in administrative work. “My team and I used to be able to impact only 10 percent of the USC employee population,” said Campbell. “Now we can deliver learning opportunities to thousands of USC employees, anytime we want, in any fashion we want.”



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