“Cornerstone is helping us bring people together in a truly global organisation.”

Why Cornerstone

During their search for a new talent management system, The VELUX Group realised that many platforms that claimed to be integrated weren’t truly unified. “As an HRIS Project Manager, I feel that many systems just try to fit in new modules, and they don’t work well together,” said Holm. “One main reason we chose Cornerstone is because it’s organically built.”

Cost was also a deciding factor. With Cornerstone, The VELUX Group was able to implement a unified talent management system — including solutions for recruiting, learning, performance and succession — for the same cost of their existing LMS. “Cornerstone gave us much more for our money. This was a big win. Since the system is cloud-based and global, we don’t require any IT resources locally.”

Cornerstone also allows The VELUX Group to implement the system at their own pace, critical to the company’s ability to operate within the confines of their budget and existing resources. “Not every company can implement an entire talent management system at once. With Cornerstone, we can add each piece as we’re ready, country by country.”

The Results

Reduced administrative burden. Cornerstone enables The VELUX Group to streamline repetitive, time consuming talent management tasks. “HR spends less time on administrative activities,” said Holm. “They have more time to add value to recruitment and training. Cornerstone has freed up their productivity.”

Unified learning programs. The VELUX Group can now deliver both their global onboarding program and local introduction programs to business units in different countries. “Cornerstone is helping us become one VELUX team, bringing people together in a truly global organisation,” said Holm.

Improved recruiting. Cornerstone Recruiting makes it easier for The VELUX Group to attract and engage with high-performing, qualified candidates globally. According to Holm, “Recruiting allows us to create targeted career sites that address the recruitment needs of local business units.”

Increased capability to be more data driven. Over time The VELUX Group will have access to complete talent data, via one login. “We will then be able to access all talent data across the entire organisation in one place,” said Holm. “Cornerstone is giving us the opportunity to become more data driven over time.”

Gained talent insight. The VELUX Group is improving consistency across the talent management process and getting a more comprehensive view of the employee lifecycle. “We’re gaining great insight into how The VELUX Group is actually working thus promoting a performance culture, fostering transparency,” said Holm. “With Cornerstone, we’re creating one place where we can learn about and manage our employees.”

Created the opportunity for real succession planning. As they make plans to implement Cornerstone Succession, The VELUX Group anticipates having stronger succession planning capability, crucial to ensuring strong leadership throughout the next decade. “We focus on performance because that’s part of our strategic mission. A big part of that is looking at succession,” said Holm. “While Cornerstone Performance helps us see who is performing well, Cornerstone Succession will help us keep an eye on our top talent.”





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