Accelerate time to value with your HR transformation

Cornerstone’s unique approach will help you quickly and cost-effectively deliver uncompromised access to accurate employee data and improve efficiency and effectiveness so the whole organisation can focus on strategic HR to help transform the whole organisation.

Shake up Hierarchical HR with a Talent-led model

Quickly elevate the organization to a strategic HR focus with a flexible talent-led solution focused on rapidly solving the central challenge of timely and accurate headcounts from global data without the rip and replace price-tag.

Increase value exponentially with strategic talent-led HR

Accelerate time to value with the alternative talent-led HR which does not require an HRMS overhaul. Digitalize HR across the globe extending the life of existing systems, minimising disruption, and preserving localizations and customizations that save time and money and ensure compliance.

Avoid costly new software

Quickly address critical business objectives and goals with a cost-effective alternative to rigid and expensive traditional HR systems. Move beyond Excel to insightful reports, manage and audit employee record changes with minimal risk, and align people management to talent strategy.