Compare essential HR and workforce metrics with ease

Enhance executive foresight with predictive workforce analytics to ensure the right focus. Quickly act on what matters by comparing mission critical metrics against internal teams and industry peers.

Gain true insight into business processes

Compare against industry averages to understand effectiveness and use interactive visualizations across anonymized HR and talent data from over 3,500 organizations to continuously improve employee-focused programs.

Stay ahead of the competition

Find out how you're doing - quickly compare key HR and talent metrics with your industry peers’ performance. Use interactive visualizations that have real-time data to make important business decisions.

Get HR and talent metrics that matter

Benefit from an organically-built talent management system with a real-time and unified database. We holistically translate anonymized HR and talent data from across Cornerstone's customer base into useful metrics that matter for you.

Additional benchmark capabilities


Helping you determine whether retention efforts should be improved

Span of control

Helping you to assess the costs and structure of your management staff

Gender mix

Helping you understand the diversity of your organization

Time to fill

Days that a requisition is open before being filled

Applicant source

Sources that attract the highest number of applicants

Hiring seasonality

Helping you anticipate how to allocate necessary resources