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Why learning?

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70% of CEOs think their company is not equipped with the right skills to adapt

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Employees today are concerned about the changing nature of work

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7 out of 10 employees say training and development opportunities influence their decision to stay with a company

Robust, modern learning management software

Designed to scale with your organization, Cornerstone Learning comprehensively supports compliance and employee-driven development training to scale with organizational needs and close skills gaps.

Manage compliance training at scale

Maintaining compliance training with distributed organizations, complex workplaces, and changing regulations can be challenging. You need a Learning Management Software (LMS) that is robust enough to scale with any organization, reduce risk, ready your workforce, and provide audit-ready reporting to account for the changes of tomorrow.

Create a modern learning experience

Your organization needs to keep up with the demands of employees, exponential change in technology, a competitive market, and continually address skills gaps. This requires a modern learning strategy that can engage employees for higher adoption, provide personalized learning, and connect learning to outcomes.

Provide relevant content to upskill & reskill employees

Finding and managing content to upskill and reskill your workforce can be timely and cumbersome. Enable your teams with modern, curated content to equip employees with targeted soft-skills, technical skills, and super-skills to stay relevant.

Make data-driven talent decisions

Connecting learning to outcomes requires visibility into system adoption, employee data, and extensive reporting. Answer burning questions about how to better train, manage, retain, and reward employees with analytics and predictive insights.

Enable partners, customers & external stakeholders

It takes time, effort, and an effective program to provide training and ensure compliance among partners, customers, franchisees, and along the supply chain. Enable your external stakeholders and monetize training programs, so that you can engage your channels, ensure training adoption and compliance, and remain top of mind.

Provide sales enablement on

Enabling your sales team with the right information, at the right time, requires a completely different approach. Drive just-in-time sales enablement directly within to help your sales team close deals faster.

An integrated ecosystem

Quickly and easily plug-and-play with a number of pre-built integrations. Leverage our holistic ecosystem within your learning management system, so you can effectively support your organization's unique needs.

Technology to solve for any organization-wide initiative


Automate compliance processes and reporting, and stay up-to-date on health and safety, HR compliance, or industry regulations. Minimize risk and be audit-ready by ensuring employees, across every business unit and division, have taken the right compliance training.  


Engage and retain talent with learning at every stage of the employee lifecycle. Whether it’s operational efficiency or market growth initiatives, provide the modern learning tools and content to close skills gaps and drive career mobility.


Whether it’s market disruption, mergers, acquisitions, or internal process transformation, reskill the right employees to equip your organization with the skills for success. 

Cornerstar stories

"Cornerstone sets the bar in terms of service and relationship that exceeds our other vendors."
Cassie Atteberry, HR Management, Hallmark
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"We recently reduced the time that it took us to onboard a new hire."
John Parsell, Manager of Learning, Accolade
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"With Observation Checklists, we can get information out to folks in a minute to show the validation history of a clinician."
Robert James, HR Technology Manager, Carilion Clinic
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"We have become change agents because of the reporting available through Cornerstone."
Larry Wecsler, Staff Vice President, Organizational Learning
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