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Cornerstone OnDemand and Tracker Corp have collaborated to ensure complete compliance to their clients throughout the I-9 onboarding experience.

About the alliance

Tracker & Cornerstone Seamless Integration

If your organization hires a large number of employees each year, you've experienced the overhead that on-boarding creates. With each new employee, your staff has to remember to initiate a list of processes, including creating a new I-9. Often, they have to re-key data from one system into another or onto paper. While each redundant step or manual process may seem like one small inefficiency, the more your organization hires, the more it suffers as these inefficiencies add up.

Create operational excellence for HR and the field
You can create the highest efficiencies for your HR staff and field organizations by integrating I-9 Complete with other systems to trigger processes, synchronize data, and display critical information where it is needed. The systems can be integrated using I-9 Complete web services Application Programming Interface (API).

Trigger processes automatically
You can trigger processes automatically in I-9 Complete as fields are updated in Cornerstone. This way your staff does not need to remember and manually initiate important processes. For example:
  • A new hire is entered into Cornerstone. You can automatically trigger I-9 Complete to create an I-9 along with an email to the new hire with instructions and a one-time login to Section 1. This eliminates missing forms, which can incur a fine of $2,300. If the new employee is a hiring manager, you can also trigger I-9 Complete to create a new user account populated with relevant data, along with an email to the new manager with their login and password.
  • An employee termination date is entered into Cornerstone. The date could be sent automatically to I-9 Complete, which calculates the retention of the employee's I-9 according to ICE rules, and presents it for purge when it is time. If the terminated employee is a hiring manager, their account in I-9 Complete can be deactivated automatically.
Keep data synchronized across systems
As your staff updates data in Cornerstone, the data can be synchronized automatically across systems. For example:
  • Your company may open new stores or locations. It may close or move locations. It may even bring on hundreds of new locations at once due to an acquisition. Whatever the cause of the change, you can synchronize the change with I-9 Complete automatically, and ensure worksite alignment across systems.
  • Employees may change job locations from one worksite to another, or field managers may be given responsibility for new locations. These data changes can be synchronized into I-9 Complete automatically
Display critical information where it is needed
If your field managers rely heavily on your intranet, you can expose a list of their open I-9 & E-Verify® actions in that application, color-coded for priority tracking. This gives them one-click access to records that require action, wherever this is needed.

Enable staff to work seamlessly between applications
I-9 Complete supports fully integrated single sign-on (SSO). This allows your staff to work seamlessly between I-9 Complete and other applications including Cornerstone, and will streamline their operations with fewer logins to remember and type in. SSO also eases administration as there are fewer lost logins and passwords for administrators to retrieve. I-9 Complete integrates with existing third-party Security Token Service (STS) authentication which conforms to standards using SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language).

Partner segments

  • Technology
  • Recruiting
  • HR
  • Edge
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Financial Services
  • Federal Government
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Hospitality
  • K-12
  • Manufacturing
  • Nonprofit
  • Retail
  • State & Local
  • Technology & Media
  • North America

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Backed by an award-winning U.S. Immigration Law Firm, Tracker is the only I-9 Compliance Software that maintains a perfect track record of zero client fines in federal and ICE audits. Tracker's robust platform makes I-9 compliance simple and intuitive for HR and legal teams. With more than 20 years of experience, Tracker is the trusted partner of Fortune 500 leaders across the U.S.

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Tracker Corp is the leading solution provider for I-9, E-Verify, and immigration compliance.

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