Cornerstone Performance Suite

Continuous performance development for continuous business improvements.

Performance management works…

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Increased value proposition is an increase in efficiency and innovation

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Improve productivity and performance from an engaged workforce

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Mitigate and reduce cost of talent vacancies from longer career tenure.

Go beyond performance management

Provide continuous career development with actionable development plans to improve productivity, all while accurately capturing and managing talent data to make better data-driven decisions, in one robust solution.

Improve engagement through a better employee experience

Supporting business objectives requires engaged employees. Deliver employee experience strategies with a complete, robust performance management system to elevate your company culture.

Identify, develop, and retain talent with a talent management system

The skills economy demands upskilling and reskilling of talent for companies to stay relevant. Accurately pin point talent and provide personalized development to improve productivity and retention.

Enable continuous performance management

Talent development can be a challenge without the proper supporting tools. Satisfy your unique talent initiatives by fostering a continuous development culture for optimal productivity and business improvements.

Ensure succession planning and career mobility

Proactive planning to mitigate talent vacancies can reduce cost and support business continuity. Accurately identify the right people for the right roles for talent pipelines readiness and key-role continuity. Improve talent mobility and retention by providing transparency around open opportunities.  

Connect global talent data to business impact

Performance data fuels company initiatives, business decisions and compliance - making it increasingly important that it’s accurate and accessible. Gain full control of global data and connect it to business outcomes for optimal impact. 

A smarter approach to talent management


Support HR compliance protocols and be audit-ready with accurate data documentation and reporting. Version tracking, evidence collection, and complete performance reviews provide management and auditing visibility to ensure compliance.


Foster continuous development for improved performance by identifying, developing, engaging, and retaining talent. Define a clear path to success with actionable development plans and transparent career progression opportunities.


Build a more dynamic and on-going development culture to achieve operational efficiency. Realize better business result and profitability with a holistic, highly-configurable solution that supports any type of performance management.

Cornerstar Stories

"We're seeing employees take more initiative with Cornerstone."
Gerard Pieterse, Learning & Development Director, Canon Europe
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"Cornerstone helps our staff understand where they are on their professional journey."
James Iles, Head of Employee Learning, Virgin Media
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"With Cornerstone, we’re able to promote more data-driven behaviors."
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"We’ve increased our performance appraisal completion rates from 50% to 98%."
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