Enable continuous performance management

Cornerstone supports development initiatives at scale – whether it’s quarterly, annual, or continuous – so that you can drive your company culture.

Highlight alignment and contributions towards success

Ensure everyone understands how they contribute to the overall business strategy in a top-down goals layout. Stay in sync with you teams through goal progress tracking, and easily modify when key goals require additional training, support or feedback.

Personalize development

Leverage machine learning to automate personalization of continuous performance management. Aggregate talent data, interests, and competencies to recommend unique development paths and to foster self-activated development culture.

Drive ongoing feedback and coaching

The new workplace experience involves networks of different teams on different tasks. Supplement static performance reviews with consistent, in-context feedback, to meet development needs at all touchpoints and to accelerate productivity in the flow of work. Empower managers with the modern performance management tools they need to become coaches and drive better business results.

Open career progression opportunities

Support self-activated career progression and internal talent mobility with a configurable career center for employees to allow them to freely explore career opportunities. Maintain a consistent experience across the workforce and make career mobility actionable with personalized continuous performance development plans and training. 

Additional continuous performance management capabilities

Goal setting

Align business objectives to team functions and personal development  

Performance reviews

Complete appraisal of talent with actionable improvement steps

Skills & competencies

Accurately identify and close skills gaps and analyze behavioral trends 

Development plans

Provide a personalized, actionable path to success  

Machine learning

Enjoy automation of personalized development 

Career center

Promote internal talent mobility with clear career paths.