Improve engagement with a better employee experience

Improve the employee experience at every touchpoint, and boost much needed engagement to drive business productivity.

Provide organizational transparency

With dynamic goal setting and cascading goal layouts, our employee engagement software provides employees with transparency into their contributions toward business objectives. Foster personal and business growth with alignment on objectives.

Provide continuous feedback and coaching

Empower managers to be better coaches with an employee engagement platform that facilitate continuous check-in conversations, aggregate more frequent talent data, and benchmark development and progress at a relevant pace. Recognize achievements with gamification badges to encourage continuous feedback.

Empower self-driven career progression

Boost engagement with clear opportunities for growth. Our employee engagement solution leverages machine learning to personalize the career exploration experience with recommended paths or trainings. Employees can assess skills and competencies and self-develop to fuel their career progression.

Listen to employee voice

Talent initiatives affects employees, and gathering employee feedback so they feel valued is important. With pulse engagement surveys, employees can more easily provide feedback and play a role in driving company culture.

Additional employee engagement capabilities

Goal setting

Align business objectives to team functions and personal development  

Social feedback

Increase engagement through recognition badging 

Performance review

Holistically capture performance data 

Skills & competencies

Accurately identify and close skill gaps  

Career center

Promote internal talent mobility with clear career paths  

Pulse engagement surveys

Close the loop on employee voice and capture company sentiment