Ensure succession planning and career mobility

Secure a well-prepared talent pipeline for key-role continuity by providing full transparency to career mobility opportunities and development training.

Identify potential for your business strategies

Proactively spot the right talent for the right role, at the right time with intuitive succession planning software. Create a personalized development path for talent and prepare the pipeline to ensure leadership continuity. 

Provide proactive succession planning

Streamline succession planning in a highly-configurable, high-visualization environment. Associate trainings and competencies directly within the succession management software for personalized development. 

Promote internal mobility

Career progression opportunities are key in reducing churn. Provide a career site for internal employees to explore career paths and self-assess competencies to see where they are. Leverage machine learning to recommend learnings to close skill gaps. 

Additional succession planning software capabilities


Identify potential, develop talent and prepare leadership pipeline  

Helicopter view

Intuitive grid that streamlines succession planning

Skills & competencies

Accurately identify and close skills gaps and analyze behavioral trends 

Development plans

Personalized, actionable path to success 

Machine learning

Enjoy automation of personalized development  

Career center

Promote internal talent mobility with clear career paths