Connect global talent data to business impact

Make better data-driven business decisions through talent analytics.

Leverage visualizations of your talent data

See global talent data in an intuitive view that can help you understand your talent landscape. Leverage highly configurable talent analytics filters to manipulate data based on custom requirements.

Fuel behavioral competency strategy and ensure compliance

Provide an audit trail for HR compliance, or document how competencies are being developed with observation checklists. Streamline documentation, gather evidence, and aggregate conversation notes for a clear audit trail.

View deep insights for better data-driven decisions

Leverage predictive talent analytics software to spot trends and patterns in performance data and better inform talent strategies around predictive succession, career mobility and employee growth. 

Drive immediate HR action

Take direct action on your employees’ development with talent analytics tools. Assess progress in a performance review, personalize training for successors, improve talent strategies from a pulse engagement survey, and more.

Additional talent analytics capabilities

Observation checklist

Observe behavior, validate process knowledge, and collect evidence in real-time 

Performance reviews

Complete appraisal of talent with actionable improvement steps


Intuitive data visualization with actionable steps 


View dashboards for predictive succession, career mobility, employee growth trends, and more  

Machine learning

Personalize your career path with recommended development plans

Career center

Promote internal talent mobility with clear career paths