Cornerstone Recruiting Suite

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Effective Recruiting leads to…

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Organizations that invest in a strong candidate experience improve their quality of hires by 70%

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Cornerstone clients have seen a 54% higher candidate conversion rate than industry average

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Organizations with a standard onboarding process experience 50% greater new hire retention

Simple, automated recruiting software

Designed for the complexities of today's hiring needs, Cornerstone Recruiting delivers an engaging candidate experience, streamlines your hiring and onboarding processes, and enables smarter hiring decisions.

Attract the top candidates

Elevate your employer brand and culture with interactive media and resources to better attract the best-fit candidates. Then turn more job seekers into candidates with an intuitive and painless application process.

Select the best-fit applicants

From searching for internal and external candidates, to receiving suggestions on passive candidates who match requisition criteria, gain a holistic view into your entire talent pool and easily identify the best-fit candidate.

Enable your frontline managers

Automate workflows to simplify the hiring process and ensure managers take the right actions, with the right candidates, at the right time. Leverage a mobile-first solution that does more to automate sourcing, and simplify hiring for managers.

Onboard effectively

Getting new hires productive quickly can be a challenge. With personalized new hire onboarding portals that provide tailored, interactive, and self-paced content, make the new hire experience more engaging and effective.

Make data-driven decisions

Gain the data you need to drill-down and uncover bottlenecks on recruiting efforts that need improvement and highlight what has been successful. Configure and personalize analytics to track and visualize the data that is more relevant to you.

An integrated ecosystem

Quickly and easily plug-and-play with a number of pre-built integrations. Leverage our holistic ecosystem so you can effectively support your organization's unique needs.

Technology to solve for any organization-wide initiative


Rules and regulations are ever changing, making it hard to navigate the regulatory landscape. Easily generate HR audit trails with robust reporting capabilities that make it possible to minimize risk.


To address the global hiring crisis, filling the candidate funnel and hiring externally is no longer enough. You must develop your internal talent to ensure they have the skills your organization needs to achieve future business goals.


When it comes to market disruption or internal transformations, you need the right talent to ensure business success. Hire and onboard effectively to drive organizational transformation.

Cornerstar Stories

"Before, it took well over a month to find the right candidate. With Cornerstone, it can take as little as a couple of days."
Rocco Lafronza, recruiting manager at Hyatt Regency Chicago
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"With Cornerstone Recruiting, we reduced application time by streamlining the user interface, not by removing steps. "
Tom Heetderks, Vice President of Human Resources, ResCare
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"Our time-to-fill has gone from 120 days to 50-70 days."
James Mills, HR Manager, ZF North America
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"Recruiting allows us to create targeted career sites that address the recruitment needs of local business units."
Morten Holm, HRIS Project Manager
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"Cornerstone Recruiting helps by making sure the candidates are a good match. By improving the hiring process, we are reducing attrition at the outset."
Carolin Knobelspies, VP of Contact Center Operations
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