Applicant tracking software to enable your frontline managers

Simplify hiring for frontline managers with standardized processes and a central place to manage the entire hiring process.

Streamline your hiring process

Our applicant tracking system (ats) automates your hiring processes to alleviate the administrative burden. From easily tracking applicants through the hiring process, to managing interviews and tracking feedback, administer simplified processes to save recruiters and hiring managers time.

Foster a collaborative hiring process

With our applicant tracking software you can manage all candidate information in one central place. Keep the entire hiring team in the loop with a visual dashboard that enables them to see and prioritize tasks and provide feedback.

Additional ATS software capabilities

Hiring dashboard

Leverage a central place to drill into specific details about requisitions and applicants

Video interviewing

Integrate video interviews into the application workflow with pre-built integrations with leading vendors

Interview guide

Build and configure interview guides with defined competencies

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